What is Ip-Telephony or VoIP?

VOIP Web Server Hosting

VOIP Web Server Hosting

On the Internet today, you can transfer a huge amount of various data: text documents, programs, pictures, videos, etc. Not so long ago, the broad masses of Internet users have learned that the human voice can also be encoded and become one of the types of data that can be transmitted over the Internet anywhere – even on the other end of the world.

To convert digital voice data from the traditional telephone network to the Internet, it was necessary to create a device that allows you to move from circuit switching to packet switching – so there “voice gateways”. Their use has allowed to derive a telephone conversation on the Internet, to transmit it over long distances and take anywhere in the world in the regular telephone network.

This technology is called IP-telephony or, more precisely, Voice-over-IP or VoIP. That this latest technology is becoming more common in our country, and is dedicated to the portal: Here, check out theĀ  advantages and disadvantages of IP-Telephony or VOIP, a comparative analysis of the basic protocols used for data transmission, will help with the selection of hardware and service provider.

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