What Happens When Google Plays Googly

What Happens When Google Plays Googly?

A few months ago, Google trimmed down the Page Rank (Aka PR) of Stanford Daily from 9 to 7 just because, Stanford Daily was selling the text link ads. Later, it was found that Stanford Daily is not the only web site, but there were some more sites whose Page Rank was reduced for the same reason selling text links.


Due to this, it may have picked up steam as Google PageRank values of some well-known sites have taken a hit during that week. Few Ex:

  1. Washingtonpost.com – From PR7 to PR5
  2. Statcounter.com – From PR10 to PR8
  3. MasterNewMedia.org – From PR7 to PR6
  4. Problogger.net – From PR7 to PR4
  5. Blogherald.com – From PR6 to PR4

Web sites like TechCrunch, BoingBoing, NYTimes and other popular sites that do not sell text links have retained their Google PageRank score.

Note: Google PageRank can be different across different data centers as the new scores may not have been propagated to them.

If the PageRank of a site is reduced by Google, there may not be any visible dip in search engine traffic immediately but that could change in the long run. Always, use rel=”nofollow” tag, if you are selling text links on you web site and avoid getting penalized by Google.

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