Web Hosting Types and Their Importance

Types of Web HostingEveryone needs a hosting to expose their website on the World Wide Web. Plenty of web hosting plans are offered by the web hosting company’s to choose from so that your website dominates the web world. Before selecting a web hosting company all important factors should be considered. Collect the required information of the short listed hosting service providers. It holds true especially for new websites on the internet.

The computer that is connected with internet is known as web server. Normally the computers that are web hosts are much powerful than the regular pc which serves the websites. The content of your website would remain on it which enables the user to surf it and get the access to the website.

Types of web hosting are as follows:

Free Hosting – The websites that are made for hobby or just information purpose and is not for any serious online business, for such websites free web hosting is the best bet. In it the hosting space and bandwidth are limited. It proves to be beneficial for making a website successful which is made for personal references or temporary use. When the word free host gets attached to a website, it might not leave much of a positive impression on the visitors. Free hosting supports banner ads, pop-ups and texts. It means in exchange they force you to put their ads on your websites, these are also known as Forced Ads.

Shared Hosting – Shared web hosting is a paid hosting where the plans are offered from a min price of $1-$25 per month. This web hosting especially are perfect for the major clients having small business or those who wants to start off with one or two websites. One shared servers are used by many websites together and sometimes this thing can affect the website performance. To get rid of this problem web hosting company’s offer their clients to host as many websites having unlike domains operating via single account.

Shared web hosting services are available hosted on both Linux and Windows web hosting servers, meaning that shared hosting packages are ideal for both Windows and Linux web developers. Shared hosting services are sold by most web hosting providers, except for those who specialize in higher end web hosting services such as dedicated server hosting providers and co-location providers. Shared web hosting packages belongs to the same group as reseller web hosting package, which means that you get the best offer for the buck in terms of the disk space and bandwidth that you can get with the shared web hosting packages. Shared web hosting services are perfect for those who are new to web hosting, but if you are looking to host a busy website or a mission critical website then you may want to consider a more reliable form of web hosting.

Dedicated Hosting – Dedicated servers are required by websites which have a good amount of Traffic and which require higher reliability. Dedicated web hosting server is not shared like the Shared web hosting servers. In dedicated web hosting, every client has a full control over the entire dedicated web server, that is, a web server is dedicated to that user’s website only. Also, it is ideal for the clients who want to run their own hosting company.

Collocation Hosting – This type of hosting allows the users to own the server hardware. In this hosting, the hosting provider will provide physical space (in their data centre) for the storage of your server. Moreover, as the provider takes up the responsibility of maintaining the server, you do not have to worry about its upkeep and maintenance. All you need to do is prepare yourself for the cost of service, because co-located hosting can be pretty expensive.

Reseller Hosting – The hosting refers to a kind of web hosting solution offered by a reseller, who is not the direct provider of hosting services. Under this hosting, an individual/reseller (who wish to create an e-commerce business) sign-up with a hosting provider to sell its server under the reseller’s brand. Any one hiring a dedicated web hosting service can also use this business scheme.

So instead of leasing a dedicated server for your own website use, you resell the web space to individuals and companies who are looking for a web hosting provider. In doing so, you do not only provide hosting solution for your business’ site, but also earn some profit and income to help you pay for the expensive dedicated hosting.

These were some basic and well known web hosting types used widely by most of the websites. The selection of the server depends largely on your company budget and website requirements.

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