UK Dedicated Servers Alternative to Reseller Hosting

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

The companies that want to switch from reseller hosting to a better web hosting environment, UK Dedicated Servers are the best alternative for them. In this article, we will explicate you the exact meaning of dedicated server hosting and how to search for the best UK dedicated servers.

So, lets start with the basic What exactly are the dedicated servers? When you sign up for a web hosting form in which a whole server and its resources are dedicated just to you is known as dedicated servers.

Dedicated Server Hosting is available is two different forms – Managed dedicated Hosting and Unmanaged dedicated hosting. The dedicated server hosting form lets you to lease a pre-configured server from the web server hosting provider.

The server is provided with the dedicated equipment and high network connectivity to make sure the client gets high-performance and good server uptime. In typical web hosting, a small part of web server is rented by a client which is shared with almost hundreds of websites.

However, with UK dedicated servers you will be the only person hosting your website on that dedicated server leased to you. There are the possibilities of more sites hosted on that server, if the server provider has used it for reseller hosting. Hence, when leasing a dedicated server, make sure you are the only person whose website will be hosted on that dedicated server.

Renting bandwidth and web space from the UK dedicated servers offers you greater flexibility, stability and high performance because of the high network speed, which is much better than the typical shared web hosting packages and requires less responsibility than colocation servers.

The dedicated servers provides you the flexibility to select your choice of OS and offers you a full control over your dedicated hosting environment. It really doesn’t matter what operating system you prefer, the UK dedicated servers are always available in both forms Linux as well as cheap windows hosting.

The hardware and the network administration is looked by the web server hosting provider that leases a dedicated to you. Normally, the dedicated servers are mostly preferred by the websites that requires huge amount of web space and has huge amount of traffic. As well as the websites that needs some special softwares and applications which are necessary for their business and requires enhanced security for their website data stored on the dedicated server.

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