Role of Dedicated IP in SEO

Dedicated Servers

We have noticed that most of the large and well established websites have a dedicated IP address assigned. Dedicated IP simply means that your website is the only one on the Internet which is using that individual IP address.

Lets get understand with an example, if you type in your web browser’s address bar you would notice that its Google website showing up. This is their unique IP address which is not used by anyone else. This is their dedicated IP address on the world wide web that has been assigned to the domain name

If you are planning a business oriented website or a big website then probably you are going to require a dedicated hosting package along with a dedicated IP address for your business website. The dedicated ip address is an important element, if you are planning to setup an ecommerce account and accept credit card payments on your website. Without a dedicated IP address, you will not even get an SSL certificate for your website. You can’t do this by using a PayPal shopping cart as it will not be safe for transactions.

Dedicated IP also plays an important role in search engine optimization of your website. Most of the webmasters have noticed that having a dedicated IP works really well in the search engine results compare to the websites having a shared IP address. Most of the times security concerns makes webmasters to upgrade their hosting account to assign a dedicated IP address.

Hence, the dedicated IP’s can be much beneficial depending on what type of website you have. However, before selecting a dedicated IP you should do a keen research on finding a good UK Dedicated Servers provider which are known for providing dedicated ip’s.

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