Niche – How far is it Important?

Importance of Niche in SEO

Importance of Niche in SEO

As every Internet user, I have my traditional customs in navigating the Web, which includes, in any case, the visitation to some Blogs that I like personally, but which can not reveal here so as not to affect anyone. It was through these visits that I noticed something that is important to many in a way, but for others it technically does not affect anything: a Niche Blog.

The niche on the Internet, would be more or less like having content focused on one area, so to speak. Something like: if you write about music, his niche is music, but if you write only about Web Server Hosting, then your niche is Web Hosting. And so on. Many of my friends also meta-bloggers keep talking about that niche is important in several respects, including the loyalty of readers and monetize their content while others suggest that this aspect is not, so to speak, needed, and that somehow only limits the idealization and publishing content.

In my opinion, a niche but is a very important factor for a blog focused on being professional, customer loyalty as a specific type of visitor that guarantee returns, statements, comments and, especially, makes the reader able to always be alert to new content of your Blog, as if he knows that in the example above, you only write about music and also likes his texts, will always come back, naturally and almost compulsory, in some cases more explicit fidelity.

Moreover, a niche is often greatly facilitate the rankings of your blog in directories and search engines, since, to get directions, you end up gaining Links course (beyond the traditional “word-of-mouth”), and it improves your position on Google, attracting more visitors. Already, in monetizing a Niche usually facilitate the work of semantic mechanisms of ads, like Google Adsense, looking at your blog, the ads more closely related to the content of, and difficulties in Blogs without a niche specific and in some cases, generating very strange results during their use (although this rarely happens even in some Blogs with a niche specific).

However, in my honest opinion, a niche is usually limited to a blog more focused on being more professional, like I said above. This means that there is no sense in maintaining a niche in a very specific blog with your name, or a personal blog, for example. This is why, in this example, it is a blog talking about a person in question, and one person is always subject to change, sometimes frequently, sometimes rare. Of course, again, it changes into a blog-style ‘Portfolio’, in which a person tends to express his professional life in a clear and subjective, but for some web developers who often have tips on programming languages in their respective blogs.

But beware: the continuity of the Content of a Niche explicitly depend on the area it covers. That is, you can quietly talk about web server hosting, since the each passing month comes with new and interesting web hosting news, keep providing content for your blog, but most likely you will not be easy to write about website hosting dominated the 1990′s, as that, besides this is technically a time distant from the present, is likely to upgrade, or are unlikely to make new and interesting insights into this season, specifically in the area of web hosting, verified that this is no longer necessary, overly restricting the content of a blog.

Well, that’s my honest and clear opinion on the necessity of a niche in a blog. Whereas, as now it is up to you now define that area you know best to use it as a niche in your Blog and further improve the loyalty of its readers or not, if they deem it necessary and best for the contents of your blog.

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