Improve Your WordPress blog rank with All In One SEO Pack

wordpress_logoThere was a time when people used to install many plugins to optimize their WordPress blogs for search rankings, but now forget those multiple plugins and install the new “All IN One SEO Pack” plugin.

All In One SEO Pack plugin is the best and easiest way to improve your WordPress blog’s search engine rankings. It is just like an One Man Army which can do all the things that many plugins could do.

This plugin helps you to optimize your WordPress blog in search engines in following ways.

  • It helps you to describe your home page title, home page description and keywords to be more search engine friendly.
  • You can change your post, page, category, archive, tag and search title formats according to your needs.
  • You can use the categories for Meta Tags & Meta Keywords
  • Avoids indexing of duplicate content (prevents indexing of category, archive and tag archive pages)
  • The plugin automatically uses a short snippet from the article and generates meta description and it uses post tags for generating keywords.

You just need to edit the above options according to your needs as shown in the below picture:

All In One SEO Pack Plugin

All these things can really help out your blog rankings. The Title tag is a major point of focus for Google and other search engines, and it’s the part of a result that searchers pay the most attention to. It pays to have good titles.

Meta tags may not have the weight they once did, but they are still considered, and are worth paying attention to all the same.

Please do take care while providing the meta keywords, entering more than 10 Meta keywords for a post or page could be consider as keyword stuffing and will hurt your search engine results.

As by default this plugin includes the blog title in the post, page, category, archieve, tag and search title, it will be good if you remove it as more keywords in your title tags can reduce the importance of your main keywords. So, removing unnecessary stuff like blog title from your title tag would be a good idea.

If you have not created a robot.txt file, then I would recommend you to create this file as it will help your blog to optimize it for search engines.

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