How Google Scribe Works?

Google Scribe Labs

Google Scribe Labs

Along with the announcement recently about Google Instant Search, the launch of another service by Google went completely unnoticed. Yes, we are talking about Google Scribe. One of the latest and biggest developments in the main laboratories of Mountain View (Google Labs).

Scribe is nothing but a word processor which is currently available only in English language that has a very particular characteristic, namely that as we are writing the processor itself offers suggestions on what word or phrase will be the next to enter. This is done taking into account the words that we have introduced and observed a similar context or meaning.

The good news is that we can use Scribe not only in the processor itself from Google, but also in applications such as GMail, Blogger, or any other site that contains a text field. For use on external sites we can use the bookmarlet or Google Chrome extension which is already available on Internet.

Google Scribe Gmail

Once installed you can activate or deactivate these suggestions directly from your keyboard, pressing Ctrl+J (Or Cmd+J in the case of Mac OS X). As we can see the main picture, every time we introduce a word we will see a drop down list in which the suggestions are Scribe think we can be more interesting.

As a personal opinion, I think this kind of technology have little sense in the world of desktops or laptops. But I guess Google of being tested in order to Android and other mobile devices. No matter how slow you’re typing really, Google Scribe is of little help when completing sentences or words because we’re not cheating, it is extremely fast.

Suggestions or phrases that sometimes builds contains no sense, but we assume that this will improve over time. However, in other circumstances where we do not have a full keyboard, such as a mobile phone or a tablet, Yes it could be very useful. Aslo, it is an advantage for SEO’s and article writers as they can generate unique and interesting contents using the Google Scribe, which ultimately will help them to get good position in SERPs.

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