Social Bookmarking: A Great Tool for Webmasters

Social BookmarkingNowadays, Social Bookmarking services are the most popular source for webmasters to drive visitors and traffic to their websites. Social Bookmarking let’s the users to save and manage their favorite bookmarks online on internet. It has been made in such a way that users can tag them with keywords and share them with others and watch their bookmarks. Also, you are able to keep the bookmarks private and share them with your friends and family only.

This all started in the year 2003, when launched the Social Bookmarking Concept so that people can enjoy their bookmarks online. But, now there are so many sites such as Digg, Stumbleupon, Technorati, reddit and that offer social bookmarking services. These sites feature the most popular and recently submitted bookmarks. Social bookmarking has now become a popular tool to webmasters for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Social bookmarking can easily make your website popular and produce more traffic. That’s why; webmasters take more interest in social bookmarking sites to have maximum social bookmarks of their websites so that people can visit them more.

Important tips for webmasters to get maximum social bookmarks for their websites:

  • Webmasters should always offer links to popular bookmarking websites so the viewers are easily able to bookmark their favorite websites and web pages. If you search Google for social bookmarking scripts you will find many scripts that are available for websites which permits users to bookmark your website easily.
  • In order to get your website bookmark by other members of the social bookmarking sites, you must also bookmark your own websites and ask your friends and family members to bookmark it. You must register an account with all popular social bookmarking websites and bookmark all your web pages with appropriate keywords and titles.
  • On bookmarking sites, you can also exchange links with many websites that are relevant to your sites niche. Many webmasters bookmark your websites if you bookmark their websites. However, nowadays social bookmarking sites don’t allow you to exchange your bookmarks with other webmasters but you can still find your own ways.
  • Participate in the social bookmarking websites and create a huge friend’s list. Many times people visits their friend’s profile and bookmarks the websites if they like it. Also, you can ask the members of your friend’s list to view your newly created pages and they might bookmark them. Commenting on other’s bookmarks will help you to increase your profile as well as your websites popularity.
  • Bookmark yours as well as other similar web pages because, when the traffic on the websites you have bookmarked goes high, yours will also increase at the same time. Similarly, if the link value of all the pages you have bookmarked goes high, the link-value of your websites also increases.
  • The last and very important tip is that your website should contain unique and fresh content. This is because, if your content is good and impressive, then only the visitors will bookmark it or else they will never return to your website again. May be you have done extensive search engine optimization or have created hundreds of bookmarks, but if your website don’t have unique and good content there will no further bookmarks and traffic on your website. Remember that Content is the key to Success.

Work on the above social bookmarking tips properly, sit back and watch traffic coming to your website.

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