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Blog Search – A Google search technology especially focused on blogs which allows the internet users to discover the blogging universe more successfully. No matter, whether you are searching any reviews, political commentary, summer food recipes or anything else, Blog Search allows you to look out what people think on any subject of your choice.Google Blog SearchThe Google Blog Search results shows not just the blogs published via Blogger but also blog results for WordPress, Joomla and for many other blogs that are written in different languages like English, Italian, German, Thai, Swedish, Turkish, Indonesian, Dutch, Russian, French, Spanish and many other languages as well.

Now, Google Blog Search has improved their search service in more effective way. They are now capable of reading links on web pages. If you search for a query like a website URL, Google Blog Search automatically uses the “link:” service and displays the list of all blogs that have backlinked to the website URL presented in your search query.

I will explain you with an example here: If you search for, Google Blog Search will automatically convert your search query to “” and displays this search results which is a list of blogs that are linking to

Google now introduced some changes in the way they index content from blogs / RSS feeds. As before, they were only capable of using links from RSS feeds to decide the results for “link:” service but now they also consider links that are mentioned on web pages as well very similar to Technorati.

Simply, it means that if another blog say: has linked to your blog “” from his sidebar, Google will now display in the search results as well when you query for

If there were a Technorati Rank like parameter for Google Blogs Search, almost every blog may have seen major fluctuations in their rank due to this simple change.

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