Determine Success via Website Statistics

website-statistics1Website Statistic feature lets you to analyze reports on your website traffic and performance. The reports consist of a summary of page views over the last week or month; total daily page views; profiles of your site visitors, such as which browsers or operating systems they use; and referrer information. But do you know that you can utilize this information to make improve your site.

The most common question that comes to mind of every webmaster, “How do I know that the visitors to my site are actually looking for what I have to offer?” In other words, “How targeted is my traffic?”

Actually, the answer to this question is a little blurry. One might argue that the more pages a visitor requests, or views, the more targeted that visitor is. For instance, if a visitor only “hits” one page on your site and then leaves, that visitor was less interested in what you have than a visitor who views 2 pages on your site.

You can make a very simple calculation to measure, on average, how many pages each distinct visitor views on your site. Take the total number of “Page Views” and the total “Distinct Hosts” you received in a given period and calculate the ratio between them. This will give you an average “Page Views per Visitor.” The greater that number, the more targeted your traffic is.

Free Website Statistic Services


Statcounter is the free and recommended service that gives you comprehensive statistics about your website, the most important thing that like other services they don’t force you to put their logo on your site to have your site tracked. Also, provides you a Google Map to check where your visitors come from.


Another great statistic service provider is Google Analytics. Its free with no ads and also is an invisible counter. Huge variety of information you can see about your side, even works with Google Adwords. Google Analytics is perfect if you use Google Adwords as you’ll be able track your conversion rates (how your ad dollars converts to revenue). The only thing about Google Analytics is that it might be too overwhelming for first time users.

Both the above free services give you the basics of web statistics including other bells and whistles. It’s up to you whom one you want to use, try them to see which one works better for you, or you can even use both on one website.

However, you will get a fair idea from these services of measuring just how targeted your website’s traffic is.

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