Change to Cloud Computing is Inevitable

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

In an interview with Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer, Germany, said that “There is no alternative to change the current infrastructure to cloud computing, i.e. the use of technology, services and storage over the Internet.

“The ‘cloud’ is inevitable,” Ballmer told in an industry conference. The question is only how long it takes the change to occur, because the programs and services will be adjusted at different rates. “We are at the beginning” of the process, who, however, made a recommendation to its clients: “It’s time to jump on the bandwagon”.

Cloud computing came from the growing computing and storage needs in the world, and the computerization of all business processes, from industrial accounting. If every large company has to invest in its own system for all it is a huge expense, because it requires powerful servers and should also be subject to maintenance.

The idea of cloud computing is equivalent to operate the power supply plug: the ‘software’ does not have to be on the machine itself, but somewhere in the enterprise server that offers in the cloud. The data is not stored on the machine itself, but on the Internet and are therefore it is accessible from all sides, with the advantages.

Microsoft came relatively very late to the new trend, as the two pillars of its business, the Windows Operating System and Office Programs are installed directly on computers. In contrast, competitors such as Google have long hanging their programs on the Web. To cope, Microsoft launched its cloud based Azure platform.

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