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Does Domain Registration Period Affect Your Google Ranking?

It has been proved by Search engine marketing specialists that period of domain registration matters a lot in search engine ranking. Google trust the domains more whose registration length is longer. Do

Important Tips about Cheap UK Domain Names

Before going through the tips, first you should know that Domain Registering is a global service. It really doesn’t matter what country you are located in; US, UK, Canada, Australia or India.

Why Generic Domain Names Attract More Search Engine Traffic

Today, it’s progressively harder to get your website noticed by your prospective customers. Unless your company has thousands of dollars to spend on advertising and search engine optimization. Now, there is a

Selecting a Right Domain Name Extension for Your Business Website

Selecting a right domain name for your new business website is the most important decision for any webmaster. For one, selecting the actual name itself is hard, since you want to choose