72% of Companies Infected Through Facebook

Facebook Viruses

Facebook Viruses

Panda Security was in July 2010, held its first annual survey of small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S.. In the course of this study was to analyze 315 American companies, which employ 1000 employees. Revealed that 77% of employees use social networks in the workplace, while 33% complained that the victims of the virus, infected through social networks.

Small and Medium sized businesses face the following negative effects of Internet use:

  • Loss of confidential data (74%)
  • Virus infection (69%)
  • Reduction of health personnel (60%)
  • Damage to reputation (50%)
  • Failures in the network (29%)

Nevertheless, despite the large number of risks, companies are not willing to completely abandon the use of the Internet. 78% of respondents reported that they use it to search for additional information and analysis of competitors’ activities and to improve customer service, development, public relations and market initiatives, and for directly increasing incomes.

Note that Facebook is the most popular social networking among employees of small and medium-sized businesses: 69% of respondents reported that they have personal pages on this site. In the second place in popularity is Twitter (44%), the third – YouTube (32%), and then recruiting service Linkedln (23%).

The study also found that Facebook is a major source of viruses in networks of companies (71.6%), as well as a means of theft of personal data (73.2%). In second place on the spread of viruses – YouTube (41.2%), and to steal data – Twitter (51%).

Among the companies that suffered financial losses due to theft of confidential data, most also suffered due to network Facebook (62%), followed by Twitter (38%), followed by YouTube (24%) and LinkedIn (11%).

To minimize the risks associated with visiting social networking sites, 57% of small and medium-sized businesses use policy management and control of Internet use in the workplace. 81% of these companies have in the state specially hired people whose job is to monitor compliance with the principles of this policy. Most businesses (62%) prohibit employees to use social networks in the workplace.

Most frequently banned are:

  • Computer games (32%)
  • Publication of inappropriate content in social networks (31%)
  • Installation of unverified applications (25%)

In addition, 25% of companies reported that limited access to popular sites, mostly at the gateway (65%) and / or with the help of security solutions (45%).

The study involved employees responsible for creating security policies for corporate networks and their implementation in 315 companies, small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S..

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