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Model-View-Controller MVC to Javascript

JavaScript is an increasingly important place on the web, which means more time in the schedule of development. We have to think about how to make it suitable for re-use and easy

72% of Companies Infected Through Facebook

Panda Security was in July 2010, held its first annual survey of small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S.. In the course of this study was to analyze 315 American companies, which

How To Make Effective Banners?

How to Create Attractive Banners – Set One 1. The most important rule – do not do the banner is very cumbersome. For static banners size should vary from 5kb to 8K.

What is Ip-Telephony or VoIP?

On the Internet today, you can transfer a huge amount of various data: text documents, programs, pictures, videos, etc. Not so long ago, the broad masses of Internet users have learned that