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Improve Website Design and Search Engine Ranking Using CSS

Basically, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a simple style sheet language which is used to add the presentation (i.e. the look and formatting) of a particular document or web pages. It’s most

Who Says Flash is Not SEO Friendly?

People who say that Flash is not SEO friendly are absolutely wrong. It is just a myth that Flash is SEO unfriendly. Creating accessible flash content for search engines is crucial for

Significance of Dedicated IP for SEO

Though the biggest search engine Google, says that you don’t need a dedicated IP address to rank better in search engines. But, I have noticed that after the recent Google PR updates

What is the Importance of Uptime and Downtime in Web Hosting?

Uptime and Downtime is one of the key issues that many website owners face. If you’re thinking to setup a mission critical website or an e-commerce site then uptime and downtime is