Monthly Archives: March 2009

How important is the Valid HTML Code to SEO

Many newcomers think that, why their website is not getting indexed by the search engines? But they don’t realize the mistakes they do while building the website. One of the major mistake

Google Introduces Two New Improved SERP Features

Recently, Google has introduced two new improved SERP’s features. The first feature provides an expanded list of useful related searches and the second one offer longer search result descriptions. Both of them

Dmoz: The Proper Way of Submission

Dmoz is an Open Directory Project which is an important step for any website promotion. It is a very important directory which provides search results for many of the huge search engines

Link Popularity – Why is it important?

According to Wikipedia, Link popularity is a measurement of the quantity and quality of other web sites that link to a particular website on the World Wide Web. It is an example