Boost Your Blog Traffic: 10 Simple Steps

boost-your-blog-trafficEveryone knows that SEO is an ongoing task it needs consistency, constant care and attention to increase you blog traffic and rank. As Google algorithm keeps changing on all the time, you need to keep working on the major factors of SEO. There are many ways of doing these things as many newcomers’s always hit the same question on internet, what are the reasons that I am unable to get traffic for my blog?

Many times people spend a lot of money on advertisement and marketing, when you can get a nice handful of free web traffic without paying for any advertisement. In this article I will show you 10 simple steps which are necessary and will help you to boost your blog traffic.

  • The very first and important step is while creating the blog one should always do a lot of research on keywords and key phrases relevant to your niche. Use the most popular keyword suggestion tools like Google Adwords, Overture and SEObook.
  • Choose a resourceful and well-known blog tool such as WordPress which have their own wide range of plugins and can provide you strong community support that will make your blog very effective.
  • The benefit of the WordPress is that you are able to select or create your own themes or download the compatible themes online for free.
  • Try to get the domain names based on your niche rather than the hosted blog services that don’t allow using your own domain names.
  • Always check your website HTML code with the W3C HTML Validator as it has much more importance to SEO. Check more about Importance of HTML code to SEO.
  • Work more on creating appropriate title and description tags as they are important points taken into consideration in SEO.
  • Update you blog regularly with fresh and unique contents as they are mainly focused for better traffic. Comment on your friends or on relevant blogs on similar to your niche. Reply to the comments of your blog as much as possible so that visitors will stay active. Also, submit your blog to top most blog directories such as, and This will help you to get a free backlinks for you’re your blog.
  • Another popular way of promoting your blog is to submitting you blog to quality social bookmarking sites such as Stumbleupon,, Blinklist, Technorati, etc. This will definitely give some extra boost to your blog.
  • If you have any product promotional videos like “How To”, the use the video site like to submit your videos, which will bring you a good traffic if you have captions or watermark of your website on the video.

Remember that SEO is an ongoing process, so work hard and follow these above 10 simple steps to boost the traffic for your blog.

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